He’s My Heart

My kid is becoming a half kid / half toddler in that he’s not a “kid” like a 4-10 year old, but he’s not a baby/toddler in that he’s becoming so much more independent than ever… and we’re 2 months away from his 2nd birthday. He’ll be 2 going on 20.

His personality is starting to show through so much, and I’m starting to see a little boy instead of a baby. He loves his music and dances to the beat. He’s picky about what he wants to eat and lets you know it too. He’s full-on melt-down mode when he doesn’t get his way. He can tell us “Poo-poo” before he has actually done anything, yet is scared to death of his kingly toddler “throne” when we place him there to try to do his business there instead of in his diaper.

He knows how to adamantly shout the word “NO” and shake his head to get his point across that he doesn’t want to do something or get something or eat something. He also knows the word “GO” very well and uses it to it’s full capacity when he wants to go outside. We have all sorts of words and even some phrases (“here you go” is becoming a common one lately) being added into his vocabulary now, but most of them are condensed down to a one syllable – sometimes two syllable – word… with the exception of his baby cousin’s name, which has 3, and is the first and only word of that length he’s been able to say… and it still amazes me. I mean, we can’t get out the full word for “cup”, but we can get out a 7-letter, 3 syllable word. I’m learning quickly, that not everything makes sense in the world of toddlerhood and development.


He loves to play in the floor with me… or, more recently, to kick me out of my recliner so he can play in it. We play and roll and tickle and laugh. But it’s in that moment when he pauses and takes his two hands so soft and sweet and places them on both sides of my face and looks in my eyes that all the world stops and my heart wants to burst with the amount of joy and love I have for him. Of course, then he squishes my cheeks and lips together into mush and continues to giggle, and that moment has passed. But I remember it and hold it close.

He’s growing so fast. I’m afraid to blink because if I do, he really will be turning 20 and he’ll be off in college (hopefully) being his own person. So, while he lets me, I’ll continue to squeeze him tight and kiss him a bazillion times and be the tickle monster so I can soak up his laughter.

He’s my heart, and I love him so very very much.



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2 responses to “He’s My Heart

  1. He is so very cute! And that age is the best when they are becoming little people instead of a baby, like you said. It’s indeed scary how fast time flies but I’m glad you’re able to enjoy him as he is little 🙂

  2. I am right there with you, with my little girl who just turned 2. It’s amazing, it’s wonderful, it’s scary, and it’s exhausting. But it’s so everything-I-ever-wanted, too, and she is my heart as well 🙂

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