You know that feeling when you come home? Even though your time away may have been exciting, that feeling when you walk through your door and familiarity surrounds you and the comfort of the atmosphere relaxes you?

That’s how I feel this morning. My Ping pump arrived (after being held at the local PO sorting facility for two days rendering me completely on-edge!) and I hooked up immediately. Well… almost… I had to go get batteries…. you know, those things you don’t need when you use the t:slim? So, as soon as I got those, I cracked open a new vial of Novolog and got everything set up.

Yay Blue Fridays!

Yay Blue Fridays!

Clipping my Ping to my pants was like welcoming home an old friend. The relief was immediate. It was as if all the worries I had with my other pumps just melted away. Granted, even the Ping isn’t perfect, but I think it just goes back to the fact that it was the one piece of equipment I used while I was pregnant and I trusted not only my life, but my growing baby’s life to it too. It’s not so much that I’m attached to this one particular pump… just the Ping model and functions. (Okay, you’re free to call me utterly crazy now.)

Honestly, I don’t know why I deny to myself that this is the pump for me…. or why I’m so obsessed with having to know each and every pump available. Some people have quirks like jewelry or pens or (if you’re my husband) computer mice. Mine is pumps. No this pump is not perfect. It’s loud, the scrolling is irritating and the meter-remote communication is lacking but, overall, I like it the best, and I need to remember that next time pump-envy comes around.

My t:slim is now sleeping, and my Omnipod stuff is packed in my closet. My thought process is that if I remove the temptation, I won’t bother with it… as often. Switching off pumps every few weeks can’t be healthy, not to mention it totally screws up logging. They all do the same job, just a little differently, and I have to realize that.

So, happy Blue Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend.



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2 responses to “Home

  1. Felt the same way when I went from the Omnipod back to my minimed. What a joyful moment.. haha! So odd to feel so happy about a tubed pump, but I totally understand.

  2. Nina Marchese

    Sarah – It sounds like you have a lot of experience with pumps! I have only ever used a Medtronic paradigm and am considering switching. I am interested in a waterproof one but also want the CGM. Any suggestions/advice?

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