Since reaching out to Tandem to see if I could return the t:slim and being denied (not surprising  but hey, thought it would be worth a shot), I have been trying to find out when the “fix” would be available to us for the reverse-correction issue. At first, I was told within the next few months… but was promised within a year.

But we all know how that goes. We were promised t:connect for how long? And that was one of the factors that took me so long to reach out to them to ask if I could return it.. I had been waiting for t:connect to come out. Still, I probably would have been denied then too.

When it was explained to me how they want it to work, the reverse-correction won’t be a set feature that you turn on or off in a profile (like the rest of the pumps do), but rather will most likely be similar to the high correction confirmation screen:


Instead of “Your BG is Above Target. Add Correction Bolus?”, it will more than likely read, “Your BG is Below Target. Reduce Bolus?”, with the current BG and the amount of reduction suggested…. or at least that’s how it plays out in my head from what was being explained. If they pushed that feature out, I’d probably be okay with using the pump. Right now, since I’m using it for my alternate sites, I’m on edge about how it delivers and calculates. Granted, having touch screen bolusing and a calculator built right in is always a plus, but it doesn’t help me much if I’m 86 and it won’t subtract out to bring me up to 120 (my target).

One thing the rep suggested to do for now is if I’m close to the 70 mg/dl cut off say in the 70’s or 80’s range (but not so much in the 90’s or higher), just to record a 69 mg/dl into the pump and it will reverse correct. I told him I was concerned about having incorrect info in the t:connect system, but his argument with it is that being as how I check my bg as often as I do, having a few “off” numbers in there for that reason won’t skew the results that much. So while I’m wearing the slim waiting on my Ping to arrive from my friend, I’ll keep that in mind.

And then… I’ll just wait on them to fix it. I’m a data freak and I don’t like skewing with results, not even a smidge. Doing that feels like I’m violating some endo-law that will render me punished in some way (reduction in test strips? Having a vampire get a blood sample instead of the phlebotomist? Having my FastClix taken away and replaced by the “guillotine”? I dunno). So, it will be in it’s little box in my drawer… taken out for charging periodically.

Also, as a side note, I tried to return the Omnipod sytsem I have just because I don’t want or need 3 working systems at my disposal. I am 6 days over the return period, and Insulet will not make an exception. So, I’ll be using the pods for my stomach / arms and Ping (or when they fix it, the t:slim) for my butt/legs. It’s like, above the waist is Pod safe and below the waste is tubing/longer cannula only.


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  1. Judi

    I wonder if this rep has diabetes himself/herself? It seems like a really poor answer to me to just enter an incorrect number to make the pump do what it should have been made to do. Although this wasn’t a problem for me when I did a trial of the pump, it still seems just wrong. If you’re using the pump as your logbook basically, you don’t want a bunch of inaccurate numbers in there.

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