Okay, so my last post about not needing tubes is a lie. I cannot wear pods on my leg or butt sites, so those, I do need to wear a tubed pump and use the longer cannula.

To give my stomach a break, I pulled my t:slim out (I’m currently waiting on my Ping to come back to me after it camped out at someone else’s house for a while) and hooked back up. Last night, I had to change out everything, and I just so happened to get samples of different infusion sets on Monday from Solara. Two being the Spring infusion sets and two Orbit 90 infusion sets. I’m still quite scared to use the Spring ones, so I tried the Orbit 90.

IMG_4531 IMG_4532

I pulled out the one labeled with the 9mm cannula (which I SWEAR looked like 13mm!) and got my supplies together. The insertion is pretty straight forward. You place it in like a shot… manually. There is no insertion device. Just press it in and remove the needle. Then, snap the tubing on top and you’re done (the center of the set snaps onto the center of the site and allows it to rotate). The oh-so-strange thing to me is how it does, in fact, spin around. And, to unclip it, just squeeze two grippy sides together and the center snaps out of the holder



If you notice, the tubing is not clear, but blue. Supposedly, this helps one to see bubbles clearer. I’m not quite sold on that. Also, the tubing that was sent to me is SUPER long, a full 41″ to be exact. While I have no need to a tubing that long, I know others who would prefer it to be so that pump can still be clipped anywhere it’s needed and the site can be comfortably placed as far away as possible (say, maybe an arm site with tubing ran up and through the shirt sleeve and the pump being placed in a back pocket or the site is really far down the thigh and the pump is being placed between the boobs.) I do, however, like that the tape is nude…. not medical-white. I SO wish the Omnipod had nude tape.

This set, I’m not in love with. It does get the job done and I appreciate that, but the “dome” is quite high off of the site (not slim at all like the Inset) and I just don’t see the need for a rotating site if your tubing is forever long. Just my opinion.

Next, I’ll be trying the Spring set. This one can be clipped into any position needed from what I understand except for in one particular direction. More on that later.


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