I Don’t Need Tubes

no tubes neededI have to keep repeating this to myself.

I’ve been on the new Omnipod system for 6 weeks and so far, it has been a great experience. I’m still reluctant to say that I “love” it, but I’m definitely in “like” with it. Very much so.

The current system has been working beautifully for me and my blood sugars like it a lot. That it’s super convenient and has made me feel the most free that I have ever felt being a diabetic. No tubes, all-in-one device that checks my sugar and controls the pump in one, freedom to wear whatever I want and not worry whether or not my pump is in an easily accessible spot. No losing the pump in the bedding. No tubing for the kid to pull on or buttons for him to curiously press.  It really has been a great experience. I have always been able to trust a tubed system much easier because it’s what I’ve always known. And honestly, that’s really the only thing currently freaking me out about this new system… no tubes.

Another thing that keeps standing off to the side… like a dirty old reminder.. is how when I used the first version – the one with the bigger pods – I kept getting errors and pod failures.  I’m constantly worried that it’s going to happen again, so my guard is never down. I’m having to keep telling myself that it’s okay… to relax… they fixed a lot of the problems they were having. I’m trying to get over the worry and fear that it’s going to happen again. If I were anyone looking into getting this pump and never have used Omnipod before, I would jump on this in a skinny minute (seriously… you should…  They’re still offering the Cut-The-Cord program!). I would totally and without a doubtful bone in my body would tell you to go for it, and actully, I still would now. My fears are from the old system, not this one. And, bluntly, I need to get over it. I’m trying. I’m working through it.

Learning to trust a piece of technology that had failed me before is hard. I know others who have the old system and have loved it since day 1. I know others who ditched it months into using it. I have to learn that 1) it’s okay to not have tubes and 2) trust the new system… it’s been redesigned. You can’t compare the two because they aren’t the same.

Now that everyone knows how much of a nut-case I am, if any of you have any questions about the new system, feel free to ask. I’ll be glad to try to answer them.



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2 responses to “I Don’t Need Tubes

  1. I hadn’t used a pump since 2001 and now I’m about 8 weeks into the new OmniPod and I’M IN LOVE!!!! I would recommend it to anyone. Case in point, I went wedding dress shopping today and never had to “disconnect”…nothing to disconnect from AND the pod could not be seen under any of the 20 dresses I tried on! Love, Love, Love.

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