So the rumors are true.

If you own a Tandem t:slim insulin pump and put it into shelf mode for any reason, you will wipe every bit of memory it has. No personal profiles, no alarm/alert settings, nothing, nada will be saved. Even the time/date will be off.


I took my t:slim out last night just to see how much charge had remained over the past 5 weeks of being in “storage” (a.k.a, my bottom drawer of my d-supply case). It had 80% left out of the 100% charge that I had stored it away with. So, 20% loss isn’t technically bad, but for those of you who maybe got one and maybe didn’t like it so you switched to another system and put this one into shelf mode, you may want to pull it out and charge it every couple of months or so.

Also, Erik and I had talked about my maybe needing to use it one week out of each month or two just because it’s not like a traditional pump being chargeable and all, and thought maybe it would do some good. Certainly couldn’t hurt, and I have the supplies to do it. I knew everything would be wiped, but I wasn’t expecting it to be wiped completely.

The only thing I felt uncomfortable about when I switched from the t:slim to the new Omnipod system was the lack of tubing. For some reason, I’ve just never minded having it and felt safer with it. Crazy, I know, but that’s just how I’m wired I guess, but as of hooking back up to the t:slim last night… I actually couldn’t stand it. I hated checking with one meter, then pulling out my pump to dose. If there’s anything that I absolutely love about the Omnipod system is that everything can be done within the remote. (Tandem, I think you’ll be on to something even bigger if you had a way to control the pump remotely. hint, hint!)

I think for now I probably will just use the t:slim as a “break” from the Omnipod every now and then. As of earlier this week, I did get a call from Tandem (after I asked if I could return it) stating that they are working on the reverse-correction issue and will be releasing an update shortly. When I asked for a time frame, one couldn’t be made certain other than it will be within the year. Maybe after it is fixed, I’ll go back to using it as my primary and the Omnipod as my backup. Only time will tell.



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  1. Lizzie

    Hi – I had the opposite experience when I de-shelved my pump after my month overseas and back on the Ping. I plugged the pump in and it did the looooong beep and came back to life with all of its data, dates, and settings in place. It had been sitting unplugged on my dresser for a month in shelf mode, and since Tconnect was released while I was away, it had never been uploaded there either. Maybe I just got lucky on this one, but it may be worth trying another time.

    Looking forward to a tslim meter remote, too!!

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