There’s Still Good In The World

I rarely check an old email address that I have, but yesterday, I opened it. I don’t know why, I just did. There, sitting in my inbox as the second email from the top was an email with a subject of “Baggage Tag Recovery”. I started not to open it thinking, “oh wow, these spammers have gotten creative here”. But something about the email address it was from made me rethink my decision. So, hesitantly (and prayerfully, might I add – all I needed was a virus on my computer) I opened it up…

Hi Sarah, I work for TSA, and was on the ramp yesterday and found your bag tag. Normally they are left there to be thrown away, but I saw yours was unique [see attachment] and picked it up. Would you like for me to mail it back to you? By the way, I really enjoy your blog…you’ve posted a lot of great information!

Take Care;

Still.. I was scared. There was no way my bag tag could have ended up at the airport in which he said he was from. But then, I saw the attachment…

bag tag

I couldn’t believe it. My mouth literally dropped. Apparently, when Erik had gone out of town last month for a business trip, he left my bag tag on the luggage that had my blog business card in it! That tag is special to me because it was one my sister-in-law gave me a few years ago for my birthday.

I’m thankful that there are still nice, considerate people out there in the world. The TSA agent is mailing it back to me tomorrow. I hope he has a return address that I can send a formal “Thank you” to.


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