Three Weeks

It’s been three weeks since I started on the Omnipod system with the new pods and PDM. While I’m hesitant to say it, I am really really really liking the new system. (Note, I’m not saying the other 4-letter L word yet.)


Other than the inclusion of the Insulin On Board being calculated correctly now, I can’t tell what the difference is between the old system and the new one other than it just seems to work. My only theory I can think of is that since the pods are smaller and weigh less, it doesn’t move around as much as the old ones do and are less likely to be hit or knocked around which can interfere with insulin absorption and site inflammation over time. I do still wear them on my stomach simply because I’m still getting my basal rates adjusted properly and when I get those right, then I know how much to change it for other sites (I have increased resistance if I use say, my thigh instead of my tummy area).

Cosmetically, I do really like being tubeless. And since the pods are smaller, they’re more easily hidden. No one has to know I’m bolusing for lunch or looking up my insulin needs over the past 7 days. No questions or odd looks as to why this device has a weird tube going under my shirt. I feel free. Almost like I don’t look diabetic anymore.. silly I know… although the sensor on my arm sorta gives it away… but even that can be placed elsewhere too. No more “What’s that thing in your pocket?” “What is that cord to?”. Just me. Granted, there are ways to do this with a traditional tubed pump, but not always. And OMYGOSH how nice it is not to have to feel around for my pump in the morning and fish it out of the bed sheets or make sure it’s clipped to my bra when I go to the bathroom for fear I’ll rip it out if it’s attached to my pants.

I had to switch to using Novolog because, though I love how Apidra works the speed in which it works, it’s just too finicky not even close to 48 hours into a pod. I have great numbers for the first day, but then they’re sorta wonky the second and just flat out uncontrollable after that. With Novolog, I’ve been able to keep a pretty steady and predictable range when I try. It simply amazes me how some people can and have to use Apidra, some Humalog and some Novolog – and what may work great for me is a total crap-shoot for you.

So, more and more it’s seeming like the pod and Novolog are my winning combination. Only time will tell. I’m not going to make any promises though. I’m still not going to profess any love to it and marry it and all that, but I’m making good friends with it. 🙂


If you’re thinking of switching but are still in-warranty with your current system, it seems as though the “cut the cord” program is still in-place until April 30th. So go ahead and call now so they can get started on your request. 🙂


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