Being Puffy Is For Clouds, Not People

smartwaterThis weekend, I totally went off the wagon and didn’t drink any water whatsoever. I overloaded on Diet Pepsi and Diet Mountain Dew (the Wal-Mart version) and didn’t even think about water.This morning, I am totally paying the price. My hands were so puffy when I woke up, my knuckles were white and my skin was tight just to stretch them out.

I hate being puffy. When I drink water like I should, this doesn’t happen. And I don’t mean flavored water either. I mean plain ole no-taste-boring-as-ever water. I’ve been reading up on a few things and it seems that any drink that has aspartame and saccharine in it can actually cause more weight gain and even water retention. Just lovely. The very thing they’re meant for (to help cut calories thus hopefully causing weight loss), they’re making worse. Which would make sense for the total puffiness like a blow-fish in my hands this morning…. or more like two blow-fishes – – one for each hand.

Not to mention, it also decreases insulin sensitivity… which explains why when I drink mostly water, I have much better sugars with less highs (or at least I have easier to treat ones).

So, it’s back to the bottle… of water. Just plain ole water. Nothing exciting here, folks. Nope.


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