Small Changes

Over the past month, I have sloooooowly (major emphasis there) making changes to how I do things health-wise. The reason being is because, with me, if I jump in 100% to changes, I will lose it by the end of the week and just give up. If I do things slowly, I can make them a habit much easier and the transition is nicer. The only thing I have ever done successfully was at the beginning of my pregnancy, I quit drinking caffeinated beverages point-blank, and then added back only one 12oz serving per day. After the pregnancy, I didn’t have a reason “per-se” to not just have one 12oz, so rather quickly, I drank more and more. So, now, I’m trying to get back to that. I’ve done very well so far.

I also have tried to do better about eating. I’m doing my best to cut out mostly bread sources. Gluten-free is mostly what I look for since finding out the whole gluten-intolerance thing, but I have to admit, I do cheat when it comes to sauces.  Otherwise, I have learned that when I do without it, I have MUCH better sugar levels.


Hummus, Ham, Celery and Banana – 22g carb!

And, thanks to Ginger for introducing me to the world of hummus, I have a new favorite go-to quick lunch. It’s not much, but it’s certainly more satisfying than some measly dollar-menu burger for almost the same amount of carbs.

After researching and analyzing blood sugars over time, I have come to figure out a few things about me that I’m now working on changing as well. Number one, is that I have MUCH more stable numbers if I keep my daily limit of carbs below 100 grams. Some people would think that’s a LOT, but considering my average day would be 180 before, that’s almost half. I’m also one who feels like they have to snack when they get home, so instead of snacking, I try to chew gum or drink water so that I’m not consuming “empty” carbs. I’m also aiming to eat earlier for dinner so that I’m not 2 hours away from bedtime and bolusing for a meal that could make me high or low by 2 a.m..

I worked on getting my pump settings fixed as well. Using the Pump Settings tool was a great help to me, and with a little tweaking, I’m doing much better than before. I still have a few things to work on, but over-all, I’m not correcting as many highs or lows as I was before. I feel like I’ve been able to relax a little bit. My sugars are still a bit haywire, but not nearly as much.

And, last but not least, I’ve been more active. After a few days of using my new Fitbit Zip, I could tell that I was no where near as active as I needed to be. I mean, I knew I had a pretty sedentary life with not a lot of activity, but it’s not really “real” to you until you have a way to track it… and BOY was I inactive. (Okay, you can say it.. I was L-A-Z-Y!) So, now I have a goal to increase my “steps” by 250-500 each week. I started out at my average steps (2000/day), and I just raised it from 2,500 to 3,000.

I have goals set, but I have no “deadline date”. I don’t have an attitude of “I MUST completely change this RIGHT NOW”. But I’m working on those goals slowly, and I’m getting there. Progress is a process, not a light switch.


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  1. I’ve never heard of this tool … I’d love to hear more about what you think of it (I’m going to check it out right now)!

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