This is why…

I debated on even sharing my Omnipod post. I had it marked for deletion, for pending review, for draft, for anything but publish for a long time. I knew that it would possibly upset some people, but I didn’t realize it would cause this upset. This is the exact reason why I didn’t want to say anything… why I wanted to keep hush-hush about my trialing the Omnipod system again. I wish now that I hadn’t. I hate that the existing customers are being put off. These people have been loyal to Insulet and they aren’t being treated fairly in my opinion. Yes, the company would be taking a loss by simply shipping out the new system with the new pods right away, but honestly, with these people being as loyal as they have been, shouldn’t that speak for something??

I absolutely hate that my post has helped fuel the fire against them. While they say they will remain loyal, I know it is irritating and downright infuriating to see others with the new system. It was that way for me when Dexcom had their upgrade. Brand new customers were getting their systems before those of us who had been on it for a while could get our systems.

To those of you that I have upset – Lorraine and Caleb, Laura and Nate, Penny and Grace, and countless others –  I am deeply sorry. I hope that your posts will reach Insulet and speak volumes to them. I hope that they will listen and send out the new systems.



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