PumpPeelz… Not Just For Pumps!

In mid-February, I contacted Scott Imblum from Pump Peelz to see if he could work on a special project for me. I had taken my Dexcom and created a “skin” for it by using a sheet of Duct Tape and carefully cutting out the shape of the color area and then just placing it on there. It looked neat… cool… personalized beyond just a flat color (which, granted, I LOVE that Dexcom incorporated colors into their line up this time around).  I had tons of people asking about it. But knowing how Duct Tape is, I didn’t want to leave it on very long. It seems that once this stuff stays on an object for a long period of time, it’s darn near impossible to get the residue off.



Then it hit me.

We need more of these! Well, not these, but something similar… and way to mass produce them. I immediately thought of Scott. I had used his PumpPeelz before on my Omnipods and knew how durable – easily added, removed, and reapplied –  the material was. So I sent him a message. I took my Dexcom receiver and measured out the faceplate as close as possible. He loved the idea! We messaged back and forth, he worked on getting demo receivers from Dexcom… the works.

Earlier this month, I got the first “prototype” skin. It was awesome… except the measurements were just a tad off. So he went back to the drawing board… and guess what?


Photo Credit : Pump Peelz

Skinz for the Dexcom is born. DexSkinz maybe?? Either way, I am in love. The skins are great for the Dexcom because, just as for the pod (since it’s the same material), they can be easily applied, removed, and reapplied (if you want to). They are durable, and they last a LONG time on the Dexcom. I haven’t had any issue with the ones I was sent sticking or not sticking or peeling up at all.

And did you notice? He also has them for the Verio IQ meters too! I sent him a spare one to use to measure off of and it’s been added to the lineup too!

If you look in the shop, he has the skinz now available for the meter, Dexcom, and the first and second gen Omnipod pods. Word is, he’s also working on a skin for the PDM – though I don’t know what part of the PDM it would cover just yet.

I’m so excited to have been able to help spawn a whole new way of showing off our d-supplies. And I’m UBER excited to have had such a wonderful person do it. Scott, you’re the best! (And Emily, thank you so much for letting me borrow his mind for a while!)



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2 responses to “PumpPeelz… Not Just For Pumps!

  1. Awesome! Would love one for my Verio – but I can’t justify spending $9 on one at this time – maybe in the future!

  2. I got a few peelz for the pod a while back but since my pods are usually under my clothes, I didn’t see the point lol. I did however order two for the Verio. Can’t wait to see them in person 🙂

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