t:connect Software Launched!

t:connect Dashboard Image provided by Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

t:connect Dashboard
Image provided by Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

As I’m sure most of you t:slimmer’s noticed and probably got all giddy about (okay, at least I know I did), t:connect is officially launched for the t:Slim insulin pump! The long awaited software is here and available for us to download. It’s cool, sleek, and most of all, very, very user-friendly.

First things first, you need to go to the site to download the Uploader tool. This will allow your t:Slim data to be transferred to their cloud-based software, much like Diasend works. You simply plug in your t:Slim pump, click upload, and it will take you through the process to be able to create your account in the cloud. From there, you can create your custom settings and also add meters that you’ll be uploading into the software.

From here, you’ll have access to your Dashboard (as shown above), as well as your reports that will let you view your logbook, trends, summaries, and a whole host of other things. Now, I got to see a preview of the software yesterday and I have to say, I am stoked about this software. It combines the comprehensiveness that a diabetes-data nut like me wants with the simple, easy to see colors and graphs and charts that make figuring out what’s going on not so challenging for those who maybe just want a quick snapshot and go.


t:connect Report : Blood Glucose Trends
Image provided by Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.


t:connect Report: Activity Summary Image Provided by Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

t:connect Report: Activity Summary
Image Provided by Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.


You’re able to see things like boluses – even down to being coded for which type (quick, extended, overridden, etc) as well as being able to have a link to see the insulin-on-board action to demonstrate visually when the insulin is out of your system so you can see if maybe a 3pm low was from stacking insulin from an 11am snack and a 12:15 lunch. (And I am not speaking from experience at all. Nope…)

t:connect Report showing IOB in the blue down-slope shaded areas

t:connect Therapy Timeline (3-day) showing IOB in the blue down-slope shaded areas

Since the data is acquired by simply plugging the pump into your computer, it also acts to be able to charge your pump at the same time, so when you need to charge every few days, just click the upload button to keep your data current. (Doing this also lessens the time for upload verses if you wait and only upload once per month). Otherwise, you may get this:

tconnect first upload

The best thing of all is that you can upload, charge, and stay connected – heck, even deliver a bolus if needed – all at the same time. No need to suspend the pump, disconnect, or anything. This pump and software was, in my opinion, designed for the on-the-go lifestyle that most of us have now and I am loving it.

There is also a range of meters that can be added to the software to get a more comprehensive over-view of your data. And no need to worry about duplicate data from the pump and the meter. As long as the time on your pump and your meter are the same (or within a minute or two of each other) and the time between the meter reading and the BG input to your pump is within 10 minutes (AND they’re the exact same reading – no 124 in the pump and 142 in the meter), they will cancel each other out.

Currently, there is no way to customize the software itself more than just to input your high, target, and low BG range and to set your pump cartridge and site change out frequencies. While on the phone with them, I asked that more settings be included like a Quick-Print option similar to Co-Pilot’s that will allow the user to define which printed reports are most useful so that upon upload, the user can simply hit one button and the reports needed will be printed. This would be great for people like me who wait to the last minute to print off what the doctor needs. Also, a question they had for us is how to get the user to actually use the software more and to use it to their advantage. One answer they have already taken care of by making complicated reports simple and easy to understand. My only suggestion beyond that is to have a customize-able setting in the software that allows the user to choose how often to send a reminder email to upload their pumps. Not everyone is like me and has an upload date of about once per week. If, by the use of email, we can get more people to upload, we may be able to get more patients empowered to view their reports and become more active in self-care.

Now, you may be wondering about accessing your information over a mobile device (tablet, etc). The program is flash based, so you have to access it via a device that allows is. I was able to easily access it with my Google Nexus tablet and look around.

View from my Google Nexus tablet

View from my Google Nexus tablet

Granted, there is no way currently to upload from a mobile device and I have no idea if there is one in the plans, but for me, having mobile access via a tablet is great for on-the-go review. Also, you can download the reports via on your computer and upload it to your own cloud service to view on your tablet/phone/etc if you’d like or email it to your health care provider.

Since I know this is a lot to soak in, I’ll give you a few days to watch other postings and, if you have your own t:slim, allow you to play around with the software yourself.  If you have any thoughts on how they can improve this software, leave them here, and I’ll be sure to pass them along.



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