CAT!… and schoosh

E and Lucky

I have been worried for so long that E hasn’t been talking. He’s hung on tightly to his three choice words – Mamaa!, Dad, and mo’ (more).  And I’ve been trying to work with him, pointing to objects, saying the name of the object, and if it’s an animal, I’ll mimic the sound that animal makes all in efforts to get him to talk.

Lately, his big word is CAT! We have our two cats, Lucky and Sophie, and he absolutely loves them. Lucky loves E, but Sophie just runs and hides. I mean, come on, Lucky even let’s E pull his tail, “pet” (lightly hit) his head, and whatever else E want’s to do to him. And for a while, we were stuck only on the word CAT! (I say that with emphasis of capital letters to let you imagine that they’re not just cats… they’re CAT!s….) This video is his subtle way of saying it… most of the time we’re greeted with a very excited toddler who is practically yelling CAT at us so that we’ll let them out of their room that they stay in at night.

As of last night, we have a new word. Schoosh (shoes). And he caught on very fast. So, he would sit on his little kiddie couch and, with his pj’s on, try to put on his schoosh with a determined effort, only to hand it to me and stick his foot up at me to put it on. Yes… at 10pm last night, we had a toddler all ready for bed, with schoosh on for him to walk into dreamland.

This morning, I attempted to do the same as always and name the parts of his outfit as I was dressing him. Except when it came time to put on his hat…. and I said “Hat… can you say hat? Hhhaaaatt…”, he just gave me this puzzled look and with excitement said,



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