Clearing The Air

I’m sorry if my prior post two posts about the Tandem t:slim may have come off as fussing or anything. I am not mad or angry or anything with Tandem. I know that they extensively researched their product and feel that the way they have it is the best way. I’m just very worried about the bolus calculation set-up, and wanted to see if I could make a change for the good. But it seems that others are comfortable with it, and just manually over-ride the bolus, which is what I do now. I realize that every pump is created differently, with their own set of features and programs. And my post does not in anyway mean that I hate the t:slim now or that I dislike Tandem… it’s quite the opposite actually. Granted, I have contemplated switching back to my Ping system for a break from it and to re-evaluate my decision… but honestly, it has too many “good” features that I have come to rely on over the other systems that I have used and it would be hard to switch away from it.

While I would still like for the change to happen, I understand that not everyone agrees with me. And that’s okay. That’s the beauty of having such a diverse group of people in the online community that can bring different points of view together. 🙂 Thank you all for listening…err… “reading” me and if you signed the petition, I greatly appreciate it.


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  1. Love! I agree – it’s an issue that I’d like to see addressed, definitely. Is it a deal-breaker? Heck no! I love my t:slim too – I love seeing IOB on my main screen, I love HOW DARN SPECIFIC I can be with my boluses, my basal rates, my I:C ratios (need a ratio of 1:8.2? no problem!), etc, etc. I think you were just voicing what you want to see change in the future – and that’s great! It’s opinions like this that help shape the next generation of a device. If we all said ‘oh yay, it’s PERFECT’ – nothing would ever change.

    I signed the petition because it’s a feature I’d like to see changed, but that doesn’t change my Tandem love. I hope you weren’t getting a lot of flack for your suggestion on the feature change!

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