I’ve Been ScottJohnson’ed



scottjohnson’ed – v. To wear a device such as a Dexcom, PDM, or namely, an iPhone, from a lanyard around one’s neck to keep it from being dropped into a body of water ever again.

Thanks to the old blue Dexcom going for a swim in the toilet, it’s been replaced… and will always stay in a TallyGear case (unlike when the old one was dunked) which will always be either around my neck (like @scottkjohnson and his iPhone) or clipped to my belt loops or clipped to my purse…. somewhere… but it will not be “naked” again.


And, to answer some people’s questions that I’ve received just in case you’re wondering too, I did have a blue Dexcom receiver. When I called, I asked if I could change it to pink. She told me that they couldn’t, but I asked if she could ask just to be sure. She called me back and said she had gotten permission to let me choose another color. So, while I’m sure it is their policy not to change it (sort of like Animas and their pump replacements), I’m not quite understanding why since (unlike Animas) I had to pay out of my pocket and not through insurance or warranty (since water is not a covered “warranty replacement” factor) for the replacement. I say all that to say this: I got lucky. It’s not a guarantee that if you have to pay to have yours replaced that they’ll do the same. I certainly would have been okay with it if I still was sent a blue one (hey, d-awareness, right?! 😉 ) because I absolutely need my CGM and color doesn’t change that. After all, I’ve been working with Scott over at PumpPeelz to create Dexcom skinz (shh! heheee) to spice up the looks anyway. We’re in the final stages, but they should be ready soon. BUT if you do have it happen (or something like that) and it’s not covered by warranty and you have to pay for one, and you want a different color, just ask. It never hurts to.



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2 responses to “I’ve Been ScottJohnson’ed

  1. Since I got my G4 case from Tallygear, I’ve been Scott Johnson-ing my Dex while exercising 🙂 It’s great! One less thing to worry about holding or placing.

    • sarahkaye

      Yay! I haven’t been using the lanyard part of my cases, but you’d better bet I am now! Especially if my pants don’t have belt loops!! LOL

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