Over the weekend, I developed a cough. Not a stuffy nose, not a case of the sneezes, wheezes or woes. Just a cough.

Then, I woke up Monday morning without a voice. Well, somewhat of one…. just a squeak really.

It was enough for my boss to send me home. Even my best friend admitted that I sounded horrible. But I felt fine. I didn’t need to be home. I didn’t need to rest…..

Ya. Right.

As of last night, I was hit by a Mack truck driven by that Mucinex man and his family, with all the luggage and furniture.


So, now, I’m drinking hot water to help my throat (because, honestly, I can’t consume that much coffee) and I have a constant supply of cough drops at hand. I can talk a bit better than yesterday, so I hope to keep taking the meds and be better by the end of the week (hopefully)… or at least down to just a sniffle and to have my voice back.

Until then, just call me Squeaky.  😉


(Oh, and look what just arrived as I finished typing this!!! YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! )

Replacement Dexcom is here!!!

Replacement Dexcom is here!!!





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One response to “Squeaky

  1. Bruce

    I had that thing in January, it took me weeks to get over it. I truly hope yours is just a 2 day thing.

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