In a rush, I didn’t do the one thing I always do. I didn’t empty out my back pockets before using the restroom. Sure enough, my Dexcom was in my back pocket, and not thinking about anything other than the fact that I had to *ehem*, I proceeded to take the necessary steps to pee. Upon getting ready to leave, I pulled up my pants but then heard the sound no one wants to hear….


There it was. In the toilet. My blue Dexcom. I was in shock for a second or two. Grossed out as ever, I pulled it out and dried it off with some toilet paper and sort of sighed and laughed at the same time because the screen was still working and the buttons seemed to work as the menu was scrolling as it should. It wasn’t until I went to try to select the Trend Graph screen that it wouldn’t work. The select button wouldn’t work anymore. I thought, “crap! well, maybe it’s not too bad. I can just dry it off and it’ll work sooner or later”.


The screen stopped working. Then, it vibrated a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. Like the vibration of death. I jerked the rice we had out of the cabinet and threw it in a bag. Erik frantically searched on the internet for other things that could help and one was using a hair dryer. Nope. That didn’t work. So, back to the rice bag overnight. In the meantime, until I can speak with Dexcom customer service, I have the G4 in rice and I have the old 7+ hooked up with my very last sensor for that system.

Notice the snazzy skin on the Dex? That's a post coming tomorrow! Tune in to find out more!! ;-)

Notice the snazzy skin on the Dex? That’s a post coming tomorrow! Tune in to find out more!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m hoping the rice works, but I have a baaaaaaad feeling that it won’t, and that I’ve lost data that I need.



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5 responses to “Waterlogged

  1. I want a Dex. Badly. But the fact that it isn’t waterproof – HUGE TURN OFF! That may have just convinced me NOT to get a CGM. Hubby and I are extremely extremely strapped for cash now and have 10s of thousands in student loan debt – which we both just keep adding to. If I got a Dex (and I’d have to pay 20% and 20% of all sensors thereafter), and I drowned it – I could never afford to replace it.

    I’m HOPING (for your sake, and for my peace of mind) that Dexcom will find a way to replace it for you….

    • sarahkaye

      Thankfully, they are letting me get a replacement as Stacey commented below for $199. I agree… they need to make this thing waterproof somehow. Shouldn’t be THAT hard.

  2. Man, that really stinks. I hope it gets to working again. Or if not, that at least Dexcom will be accommodating to get you a new one. I do know they offer a one time special price of $199 to replace a receiver so maybe that would be a last resort? Good luck!!

  3. I bought the replacement too. Fortunately, mine dropped out of my back pocket into “clean” water. LOL We’d both better be more careful. . .I think they said the $199 replacement was a 1-time deal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. And that’s one of the reasons I ordered the case (Tallygear) last week. That G4 is a slippery little sucker. I still try to remember… to take it out of my pocket when I am near a toilet.
    Sorry it died…

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