The KidletLately, it seems no matter what we do, E stays sick. If it’s a fever with teething, it’s a full-on snot-fest. Now, with the added seasonal asthma speculation, it’s just another thing to add to think about. This week, he’s been coughing, sniffing, sneezing, all the icky green sickie you can be but without a fever. And I JUST had him at the pediatrician not even a week and half ago.

Erik and I both work. We have to so that we can make ends meet and still have a little wiggle room for whatever may come. But lately I’ve been contemplating to see if even trying to re-budget things would work and if me keeping him at home would be better. Part of me wants to think that it’s not going to make it better… that it’s just seasonal and his body has to learn to cope with sickness around him and that I can’t keep him in a bubble. The other part of me thinks it would benefit him so much more. I’ve contemplated working just part-time to help pay for what little I can and then keeping him the rest of the day so that he’s not exposed to germs as long, but then again, he’ll still be exposed to them…so he’ll probably end up sick anyway.

I just don’t know what do to. Tough it out, make a little change or make a huge change. It’s something I’m thinking and praying about. I’m hoping I’ll get the answer I need.


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  1. It’s always a tough call. After the younger one kept getting ear infections (remember our discussion on that?), we still needed to address the root-cause of them, which was the constant illness (and probably not-sanitary-enough practices) at day-care. Also, the older one was starting Kindergarten, so he wouldn’t have as long a school-day as he used to have at day-care. In the end, we ended up hiring a nanny who lives with us Monday-Friday (she goes to her “regular home” on weekends). A live-in is cheaper than live-out, and doing it just M-F still gives us privacy and “ownership” of the home on weekends. We rationalize the cost by comparing it to what we paid with two kids in day-care, even though the older wouldn’t be going anymore.It definitely makes the finances tighter, but it’s working for us, and it also seems to allow us more quality time with the kids.

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