Creative Person Needed

I haven’t liked “Sugabetic” for a while, and now with the negative vibe I get form a lot of people about SC (especially Myrtle Beach, no thanks to TLC’s TOTALLY FAKE show “Myrtle Manor”), and southern accents, I’m really thinking about coming up with a new name to stick to… like, forever. I need a good one that’s me + diabetes – southern slur. Help!… and thoughts appreciated. ♥IMG_3948

For inspiration, I love diabetes technology. I was diagnosed 11/22/88 at 4 yrs old. I’m a girl (duh).


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  1. Hmmm. Not sure. But then again, it’s your blog – make is as you want, as need, and make it YOURS. You mentioned earlier somewhere on social media (it’s been a very long day, and I just don’t remember which channel it was…) that you were looking to spin your dx’d date into a title, something like 1-2-8 – I actually really like that. Not only because it’s your D-date, but it’s also fun in that D-Math kind of seems like that sometimes (D-counting isn’t 1-2-3, it’s 1-2-EIGHT!!!). But in the end, do what you want, Sarah. The rest of us will be here looking to read you, whatever the name might be!

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