A Leg Up

I’ve been on a mission lately to find new sites for infusion sets. I need to give my legs and butt a break and my stomach has rarely been reliable. If I could circle just the good areas, I’d be okay I guess, but I always forget the “off-limit” zones from the “good-to-go” zones.

A while back, I saw where a girl had placed her Omnipod on her calf. (And by a while, I mean, like, a couple of years ago….) So, I thought… hmmm… since I’m a bottom-prone weight-gainer and I have legs of logs, why not try it? That fat’s gotta be good for somethin’. So, I tried it. And to my surprise, it didn’t hurt a bit. The only problem was in a few minutes, I checked the site, and it had blood underneath and I could smell insulin:



But I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I tried another site just a bit over and voila:


This site actually works pretty well. I had good absorption (though not as good) and it seems to work pretty decent. The only thing is that I’ll probably need to have a separate profile for “Leg” now in my pump and increase the ratios a bit.

The only issue I have is that the 23″ tubing is a bit too short for this. So I’m having to find ways to maneuver my pump clip so that I don’t rip the site out just by walking. Maybe I need to get a calf-pump band if they make those. We’ll see. But all in all, I do like it there. Feels funny not having my box clipped to my pant waist though. 🙂



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2 responses to “A Leg Up

  1. CC

    Cool! So where is your pump clipped at?

    • sugabetic

      It’s clipped to my undies right now, actually. The waist of my pants is too high for the length of tubing.

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