Too Trusting?

(Second post of the day, I know, but I wanted to blog this in hopes to get some tips on how to boost my testing. What helps you remember to test?)

I absolutely love my G4 CGM system. The increased range is awesome (read: I have left the receiver in my car and forgot about it at night and ran back out to get it and it still had received my readings!) and the ability to wear the sensors has improved from an average 2 weeks for me to an average of about 24 days. And when you’re on a budget and knowing these sensors cost you about $75 each, you wanna make them last as long as possible. I can stomach an average of $3 per day verses $10. BUT, overall, the accuracy has been awesome for me. I know for some, it hasn’t, but with all things diabetes and bionic parts related, YDMV (Your Diabetes May Vary).

But looking over my meter, I think I’m trusting it a bit too much:

Meter Shame

It seems that I have taken a mental note as to how close my Dexcom matches my readings and have trusted it a bit too much. I’m barely making the 4x/day quota that I’m even supposed to check. I take for granted that the CGM is just a guide that it can can go awry and really be off.

I need to get back into the habit of checking again. Before and after meals. Just to have record of them, and to be sure my CGM is right. It’s sort of like the Double-check promise that some company had years ago that was to ensure that your order was right. I need to instill my own “double-check” promise.

I wish my meter would tweet it for me, so every time I checked, you guys could see and it would help hold me accountable. One can wish, right?


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