Because It’s What I Need. #tslim

As most of you know who have followed me through my whole pump decisions/indecision, I have used a LOT of different pumps. Each have their own pluses and minuses and they truly are an individual decision. One thing I wish was that all pump companies would/could do a one-month trial of their pump for potential users so that the prospect could get a good feel for it and know whether or not they want to get into a 4-year commitment to their company’s product. I mean, this is a device they will be using day in and day out 24/7/365/4 – we as consumers need to know if the decision is best based on our own experience and not some chart that makes their product look so much better than the competition.

I have come to the conclusion that though I miss features of each pump that I’ve used and wish there were a few things I could change about the t:slim, I am still loving this pump as much as I did when I first played with one. There are a number of things that I don’t like – like having to keep the face of it turned away from my body, and that I don’t have the “option” of a meter-remote like I did with the Ping *should* I need to wear a dress and hide my pump away. I don’t like that it takes a whole 10+ units more to prime the tubing verses other pumps. Or that I can’t use Apidra very well with it.

On the other hand, I still love how fast the touch screen lets me bolus. I still love that I can use Leur-Lok sets and use whatever one suits me. I love that I can switch up  my clips to my mood even mix/match them to give a different colors, or I can just slip it into my pocket naked and it can barely be seen. With just a tap over the Insulin status, I can get my current basal profile, my last bolus amount and when, and all of my other factor info right there. I love that I don’t have to buy expensive batteries anymore. I love the history screen, the delivery status screen that gives me an average of insulin usage and how it was delivered… and SO many more features that I love!!

But my most favorite feature… the one I absolutely need the most…. is the IOB (Insulin On Board) being RIGHT.There…. on the FRONT SCREEN. This little feature has saved me more than once. Either from wanting to rage-bolus a high, or when I over-estimated carbs from a meal and ended up with 5u IOB before bed. And it’s possibly the one feature that will make me never leave this pump.




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2 responses to “Because It’s What I Need. #tslim

  1. Denise Bricher

    I clip my t:slim to my bra strap most of the time, so when I want to Quick Bolus, I just reach in my shirt and give it the requisite number of squeezes. During the sermon yesterday, I suppose that the choir was entertain by me first fishing out my G4 from inside my blouse and looking at it, then putting that back and manipulating the QB under my collar! Oh, well…

    • sugabetic

      LOL!!! Woulda loved to have seen other people’s faces!! But yes, that’s a great idea though! Will have to do that more!

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