dMessage in a Bottle

My submission for Diabetes Art Day 2013:

Message in a Bottle


  1. Used Apidra vial with cap and stopper removed with fingernail clippers.
  2. Blood… from my fingertip
  3. Old used test strips
  4. Needle tops
  5. 1 Needle cap
  6. Tape
  7. Germ-x
  8. Torn paper with message written on it. “Waiting on a cure since 11-22-88”

How’d I do it?

First, I carefully took a pair of fingernail clippers and clipped away the metal top to the vial. It was very very easy to do. Then, like a ship in a bottle, I rolled the paper and stuck it in. Amazingly, it stuck to the side of the bottle no problem. Then, I added in strips and needles. I took the white bottom cap from the needle, pricked my finger with a deep setting, and got 2-3 big drops out like the old days. I then took the needle and filled it with blood, then inserted it into the bottle, and forced it back out quickly to get a spray-action on the paper. The rest filled the bottom. Then, I used a big needle used to fill my pump and used it to draw up a lot of Germ-x to almost fill the remaining space in the vial. Lastly, I took the orange top cap from the needle, wrapped a smidge of tape around it.. just enough to make it into a snug cork for the bottle. And Voila. It’s done. 🙂



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4 responses to “dMessage in a Bottle

  1. This is so cool, Sarah! Love that use of the bottle to create this message. Did you actually send it, or plan to? I remember an online initiative a couple years back that was called something like, D-Message in a Bottle. Hold on… yep, found the blog post: – would be interesting to see that come up on shore somewhere, long after a cure’s discovered! Thanks for making this and sharing it with us!

  2. I was just admiring your work in the DAD gallery. This is very striking and poignant, Sarah. It’s like you knew I, and I’m guessing others, would start asking how on earth you made it, lol! Thank you so much for creating it, sharing it, and being part of Diabetes Art Day this year 🙂

  3. Mary

    waiting since 8/12/83, funny how your numbers 11/22/88 match mine, my 3 is your (remaining 1+2). I seriously didnt think i’d have to wait this long…

  4. Sara

    That is CRAZY BEAUTIFUL Sarah!!!

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