“Disgustingly Perfect”

EyesToday I had my annual visit to the eye doctor. It could not have come fast enough for me. This whole going back to school at night deal is showing to me just how blind I am because I can’t see the board clearly, and as soon as I get adjusted to see it, I have to look down to work on my other class work. It’s been a pain in the butt to say the least.

So I sat in the waiting room, filled out the paperwork, and waited. I also signed the form to have my eyes photographed so we could see what almost 25 years of being a diabetic possibly has done. So, I went in for the exam, got fitted for new contacts (yay!) and was sent out front to pay. I spoke up and asked when they were going to do the “picture thing”… “OH yeah, you wanted your picture taken, hang on a second.” (Why, yes, I wanted to pay extra to have my photograph taken. Saaaay cheese!)

I was escorted back to the room where one technician tried many times to get the picture done, but because they had not dilated my eyes, it was sort of difficult. On to technician number two, who had it done and over with in a split second. They left the results up on the screen for the doctor, which I tried to sneak a peak at, but was unsuccessful.

He came in and looked at everything… and looked…. and looked some more. By tthis time, I’m getting down-right freaked out. I thought there just had to be something going on with the way he’s looking at everything. Then all of a sudden, he said,

“Your eyes are…

…disgustingly… (that’s where my heart sank)


What? Really? He told me to come around and look, and he said there was no sign of damage whatsoever.

“So, 25 years of diabetes can’t be seen in them, huh?”

“You’re diabetic?”

(Uuuuh, yeah, doc. I’ve been seeing you for 4 years, and it’s been circled on my chart every time…) “Yes, yep I am. Type 1.”

He zooms in on the vessels and the retina and examined them more…“Yeah, see, in a diabetic, these are the areas we look at and evaluate for spotting and bleeding. You have none of this. Your eyes are very healthy.”

Thanks doc! See ya next year! 🙂


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