My Dex Has New Clothes!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Donna over at This woman can pretty well make anything I have ever contacted her for from adding windows to her belts to making a leg band so I could wear an especially form-fitting dress to a friend’s wedding. She has blindly been able to make a case for my t:slim insulin pump (we’re still working on the design), and now, she’s made an awesome case for the Dexcom G4 Platnum CGM. She went through several different revisions, but after being able to have one on-hand, she pretty well perfected the thing:

TallyGear Dex case

The case

The case I have is called “Jazzy Dots“. It’s quite jazzy! ūüėČ

Now, I can clip my Dexcom to my Vera Bradley Hipster hook and know that it’s there, and not somewhere at the bottom of my purse. I also use the clip to hang it on my pajama pants after I’ve gotten ready for bed at night while I’m finishing up a few last minute things before actually¬†going to bed. And, If I want to, I can also wear it on a belt loop around my waist during the day for times when I don’t absolutely need to carry a purse.

Now, Donna didn’t ask me to write this, but I just have to share this case with you. Some still use the case that came with it, but I found it to be bulky and very hard to clip onto anything I needed it to. This case is easy to use and¬†versatile¬†enough that you shouldn’t have to take it out of the case unless you just wanted to. I always slide mine in with the charge port facing the opening so that I can just charge it inside of the case. Easy peasy!

Inserting the Dexcom is easy. Just roll back the top as if you were rolling up your sleeves. Then, just slide the Dexcom receiver in, roll the top back over and voila! Nothing to zip or snap, and the receiver stays in securely.( I can actually do this move a lot faster, but I was trying to video from my phone and it wasn’t working out as smoothly as I had hoped.) ¬†AND, the window is big enough to access all buttons available on the receiver (as unintendedly demonstrated when in the video when my “Replace Sensor Soon” warning appeared).

I love that we have innovative people in the DOC that work hard to help living with diabetes gear fun and fashionable. And I love that Donna is so dedicated to contributing her talents to the d-gear world.


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  1. Another great post. Thank you! Both the Tandem and Dexcom reps say it will be several more weeks until I get mine and I CAN”T WAIT. Definitely going to Donna’s site to check out her gear so I can look good when I finally have my tech.

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