Mommy Has Two

In our household, we have a new daily conversation with our soon-to-be 18 month old son….

Wheeeeere’s your belly button??? {gasp} There it is!!!

…. followed by giggles and giggles and numerous flashes of his full belly to show off his belly button. And with him showing us his, he knows we have one too… except mommy. She has two sometimes:


We laugh and giggle and tickle each other, and though he knows it’s different, he doesn’t yet understand why. He pokes the outer edge of the plastic and I act just the same as if he had touched my belly button and laugh as if he “got” me.

Soon, he’ll know that mommy has things attached that other people don’t. Until I can explain things to him, I’ll keep having two belly buttons and watch his face light up and smile and listen to him giggle as he “tickles” me.


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One response to “Mommy Has Two

  1. That’s cute, Sarah. Ah, diabetes in the eyes of the little ones! Good times.

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