Ginger Rocks

Living In Progress‘ Ginger Vieira

Last year sometime, I started working with Ginger to help me control my blood sugars and also try to learn to work out in a much better and more effective way for a diabetic. While I’m still lagging behind on the working out part, I’m learning more and more about food.

I’d recently taken a break from all that we had discussed and went back to my normal ways of eating and guess what? My bgs are… well… I can’t THINK of a word to describe how awful they are. And when I do go back and go by “the rules”, I have beautiful CGM graphs, wonderful energy and I just feel better.

I’ve gotta get back to it. It’s just so easy to fall back out of it and do what’s comfortable. It’s not easy making a change even though you know inside yourself that it’s what you need to do. It’s all too easy to just give up and go back to your normal ways and just do what you think you want to do. But constantly chasing blood sugars and rage bolusing is NOT what I want to do. So I have to make a choice. Eat and think in my old gross bad ways or change and learn new comfort foods that are good and reap the benefits all around.

The point of this post is to say that Ginger totally rocks. She knows her stuff. Seriously, if you want to know some simple easy things to change, contact her. I know for a fact it’s a true, honest testament to how great she is and how much she can help.



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4 responses to “Ginger Rocks

  1. Completely agreed! I’ve not been working with her on coaching, but have been tempted and thinking about that for quite a while! I’m just getting to that point of being able to embrace and address it, so I think that a routine with Ginger is in the works!

  2. Elizabeth

    Hi Sarah,
    I’ve had difficulty using the contact me section of your website (it fails to send you my message), so I apologize for this off-topic question in this comment section! I met with my local t:slim rep yesterday, and noticed during priming that the t:slim motor makes a LOT of noise! I forgot to check if it is equally loud when giving a bolus or basal delivery. Is it?
    Thanks, Elizabeth

    • sugabetic

      Sorry about that, Elizabeth! Thanks for letting me know!!
      As for the sound, no – I can’t say that it sounds as loud to *me*. Then again, I wonder if the t:clip sort of muffles the sound for me. I only notice it to bethat loud if I’m in a silent environment with no other sounds around me.

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