Third Restart

I have been making my Dexcom sensors last as long as possible. Somehow, I’ve had a good run of 22 days with my first one and the second was cut short by my transmitter dying.

My current one was inserted on Christmas Eve and I’m on day 22 with a restart this morning. I debated on pulling it, but decided that I’ll let it go as long as possible. Granted, this is NOT medical advice as I’m sure it’s not medically safe. BUT, a lot of why I’m doing it is because of our increased deductible this year and all that jazz.


So, with a restart and a bit of re-glueing and replacing tape, I’m hopin I can get another week out of this one. 🙂



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9 responses to “Third Restart

  1. That’s quite a run! This morning, I gave my sensor it’s second restart, but since it’s a 3-day Medtronic, that doesn’t really amount to anything in comparison to yours.

    I’ve found myself avoiding changing out sensors partly because of waste and partly because it’s a real pain-in-the-butt, but mostly because the first 12-24 hours are pretty much useless until the calibrations take hold and the readings are accurate (plus, I hate being blind during the “warm-up” period).

  2. Three weeks! Very nice! I’ve gone as long 21 days, and probably could’ve lasted longer, but decided to pull it. Not sure why, but it made me uncomfortable. Infusion set thinking, probably.

  3. I’m jealous. I haven’t gotten past 14 days without it going bonkers on me.

  4. Mary

    Wow, I think the longest I ever got was 2 weeks out of mine!! Congrats on 22 days. I haven’t had mine on in a while and I need to get it going again. Running out of room on my belly, have you found any alternative places that may work?

  5. Mary

    side, front/top, inner? Or, all of the above?

    • sugabetic

      In the “pocket” area. Like, if you place your hand in your pocket. Where you place your fingertips is the best spot for me.

  6. I just got skin-tac for the first time, and am currently on day 9 or 10!! and the adhesive’s still firmly attached – yay! here’s to hoping for at least 14 days

    • sugabetic

      Hi Maria! You can also get the Opsite Flexifix to help after day 14. It comes on a roll and you just cut what you need! And it’s really durable. 🙂

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