Breaks With The #tslim

One question I have had since starting on the t:slim is…

“HOW do you take a pump break?!?”

Pen!Since the pump is charged, not battery-operated, you can’t just simply note your settings, disconnect, and pull the battery. And certainly you wouldn’t want the pump to drain dead because that could be bad (or I would think it would… don’t hold me to it).  So I did what any good customer would…

I text my trainer and asked.

And she replied:

“Plug the pump into the wall outlet and press and hold the top button (the Screen On / Quick Bolus button) for a very very long time and eventually it powers down to ‘sleep mode’ {editors note – also known as “shelf mode}. Then the next time you plug in the t:slim to a power source it will wake back up. You will have to change out the cartridge but all your settings are still saved.”

Well, color me impressed, Tandem. No more resetting all of my basal rates and stuff. I also called Tandem customer support to verify and the rep (Hi Manny!!!) basically walked me through the exact same steps, with a couple of extra things… make sure the pump is charged to 100% before doing this because even though it is in sleep mode – the same mode it was in when it arrived from the factory – it does still use minimal power. This way your settings are saved, just no other operations are done with the pump. Also, if the above steps don’t seem to work and you are trying to do this through a wall-outlet power source, try plugging it into the computer and try again. Not sure why this happens, but sometimes it is the trick to make it work.

I also asked how long you could do this for. Granted, my pump breaks are rarely more than a month. But he said that it could last 1-2 months. But, if you’re someone who takes long breaks, there may be a little more involved like waking it up once a month, recharging, and putting it back to sleep.

So, YAY! Pump breaks ARE possible with the t:slim!



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2 responses to “Breaks With The #tslim

  1. Interesting! I haven’t taken a pump break yet.. unless you count from ’98-’07. Haha But there are some days I wish I was on MDI, just to not have something attached to me 24/7. But not while I’m preggers.. I’m gonna hang in there 😉

  2. I’m so impressed that you even thought to ASK such a question! (But not surprised… after popping a battery in an old Medtronic pump and bringing it out of retirement, I got the same error codes you did when you tried that earlier). I must admit, despite my initial hesitation, Tandem seems to impress me more and more each day.

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