Logging… Manually, Sort of.

Since I’ll be switching over to the t:slim later this week, I am searching ways to log  my stuff since the t:connect software is not available yet. I’ve downloaded and tried a few apps on my iPhone, with the Telcare app being the top contender for me right now. Though I love the Glooko app, I can’t manually add BG numbers into it, and I can’t sync my meter to it because I use the Verio IQ. But, since I have the new Dexcom G4 system, I thought I’d try the “Events” logging feature of it. I tried it before with the Seven+ system and it wasn’t great at all (from what I can remember, you couldn’t even log prior stuff… it had to be logged at the time of the event) and so I didn’t stay with it long. But, since they’ve made lots of improvements to the new system, I figured there wasn’t anything to lose in trying it.

So I started this morning:

I like that I can upload the Dexcom and see the symbol below the graph with the log beside it to tell me what I had to eat or taken with insulin. The only problem is that in logging the information, you can only go up by 0.05u, not 0.01u, so it may not be quite as accurate as a hand-log or some of the others (for example, the Telcare app lets me put in, say, 5.41u).

Either way, I hate logging. It’s tedious. It’s not something I want to think about and most of the time, I fail within a week. I really hope they have the t:connect approved VERY soon. I mean, the whole idea of going to the t:slim is because it’s so simple… and manual logging does not make things more simple, but more complicated… for me anyway. Until then, I’m on the hunt. Something simple yet comprehensive…. and with PDF reports, not just CSV files. I’m open to any suggestions if you have them!


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  1. Lee

    I log using LogFrog on my iPhone: I’ve found it to be the simplest interface and the quickest in-and-out time. But I’m only logging meter readings, and not carbs. I would be really psyched to know that there’s an app that will connect to my meter to get the same info, though.

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