Thankful 24 Years

Today, 24 years ago, I was being diagnosed and started my new life (as much of a new life a 4 year old could have) with Type 1 diabetes. While I’m sure there are more than 24 things to be thankful for in regards to having it this long, I thought I’d blog a few.

1. I’m thankful to HAVE diabetes. As bassackwards as that sounds, I am thankful to have this “condition”. It’s a pain in the butt more often than not, but it has taught me to be a more responsible person in regards to my overall health.

2. I’m thankful that having diabetes has allowed me to meet such great people who can relate to me, and that I without it, I would have never met.

3. I’m thankful for diabetes for making me a more humble person in regards to others’ health and conditions they may have and to not assume anything in regards to their health, because I hate it when people do it to me.

4. I’m thankful that the past 24 years have gone by with little to no complications, and that the advancements I’m able to see now lead to a more promising life with diabetes (and even the possibility without it) than things were 90 years ago.

5. I’m thankful that there has been and always will be HOPE.



Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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One response to “Thankful 24 Years

  1. Sara

    Happy Diaversary! My ten year mark is coming up in about 2 months 🙂

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