Happy WDD 2012!

I am so happy to see all of the BLUE pictures being posted today along with all of the awareness posts on Facebook and Twitter! We all fuss and fight and want to kick Diabetes’ butt throughout the year, but today is the day that we join together as a collective FAMILY to let others know even more so than any other day or month of the year that, HEY! We have diabetes and WE NEED A CURE!

I am wearing BLUE for me, my cousins, and all of my friends both on- and offline. I’m telling anyone who wants to hear why me and my son are dressed bluer than Smurfs: Diabetes is NOT a disease of the lazy, over-weight, older crowd! It affects anyone from BIRTH til DEATH. There are LOTS of different types too, not just Type 1 and Type 2. AND, it doesn’t matter what TYPE of diabetes you have, we ALL need a cure…. and DIET, INSULIN, METERS, CGMS, AND EXERCISE ARE NOT CURES!!!! Nor are cinnamon and all that other crap.

We celebrate WDD (World Diabetes Day) today because it’s the birthday of Dr. Banting, the co-inventor of the life-saving drug, insulin. It is what keeps me a live day after day after day. Without it, I would have died 24 years ago. I celebrate his life today and the lives of all of the men and women who have helped further Diabetes research and development so that we are able to have the treatment options we have available to us today.


UNTIL there is a CURE….




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