TOT, The Second Year

Trick or Treating wasn’t a big thing when I was a kid. We lived in a VERY very rural area, and plus it was sort of “what’s the big deal, she can’t eat the candy anyways” kind of thing. (You know, back in the dark ages when kidlets with diabetes couldn’t have candy?)

Anyways, so now that we have Kip, I get to trick or treat along with him.Yesterday, we went to my hubby’s work where they do office trick-or-treating, and people who want kids to stop by can put out a bowl full of candy or whatever for them. It’s safer than going to tons of houses in the dark.

At first, he had the look of “Ummm, mom, dad…. why are you handing me this bowl? What do I do with that?” We showed him what to do, and from then on, he knew to grab a piece of candy and throw it in the bag. Probably 90% of what we got, he couldn’t eat anyway because of his milk allergy, but he got some suckers, so those are all his.

All in all, we had a great time. We trick-or-treated to some family and then came home to try to get him to sleep, but that didn’t happen for a while. WE fell asleep before he did, which was around 11pm. Needless to say, I’m tired, I have a headache, and I feel like crap… but it was so worth it for him!

Hi-ho! Kermit de Frog here!



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3 responses to “TOT, The Second Year

  1. Sara

    Cute little frog! Did he pick it or did you guys?

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