What’s New Monday No.3

1. The BIG BLUE TEST! Test, get active, test again and share! The BiG Blue Test needs your help! We need to have 20,000 tests in by November 14th for the program sponsor to donate $100,000 towards diabetic supplies for those in need! And, you can enter more than once per day, even from your iPhone with the BigBlueTest app! Join the movement! Get active! TEST and SHARE!

2. I’ve made the switch back to Novolog. I know Apidra works great for some, and for me, it does a wonderful job at lowering highs quick. But for some reason, the rest of my day is harder to balance. I don’t know exactly why. I really wanted Apidra to work for me, but it doesn’t. Not as well as Novolog apparently. So, since I had 8 unused bottles in my “stash” drawer, I pulled one out, cracked it open and have been joyously pumping Novolog for the past week and have had little variance in my blood sugars. I’m actually staying more in-range and more stable than I did on Apidra, and that’s without any changes to basal rates or IC ratios, etc.

3. I’ve been researching stuff about which color of pump/Dexcom to get… because I want them all to match. I’ve really been thinking of going back on the Ping system, and since my warranty is up in December, and the Ping that I have is cracked, we’re just waiting out the 46-ish days until my insurance will cover a new one. If I get the pink one, I want to get a pink Dexcom. But I really like the blue color option for the Dexcom, but I’m not fond of the blue Ping. It’s a tossup. I mean… why can’t companies just make this decision easier and make a PURPLE option?!? 🙂 Until then, I’m using my purple Minimed and CGM to use up my supplies without wasting them like I did with my Accu-Chek Spirit pump. I had 4 boxes of sets and 7 boxes of reservoirs for it that I found this weekend that are all expired as of February of this year. All gone to waste, and I didn’t even realize it. I need to know what to do with all of them.

4. This week, I’ll be absent from my blog. I have 3 papers due for English AND three chapters to learn of Medical Terminology! EEEK! I’m gonna die before the end of it! Say a little prayer for me.

5. And last, but not least… a miracle. This happened as I was writing this. A man driving a van blacked out and ran into one of the buildings that is a part of this strip of offices that I work in. It’s 3 offices down. The top of the building fell in on top of the van and crushed it. BUT, the man is a live and walking around. Thanks to people who were able to help get him out and he’s alive. I don’t know his full medical state, but I do know that after I saw the inside of the cab of that van… there was NO way he should have lived. That man had an angel riding with him is all I know.


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