Baby, today, you’re 15 months old! Wow! I know I haven’t written a letter since your birthday, but I thought maybe I could just stick to the milestones now.

You’re trying to feed yourself. What gives, mom? I’ve BEEN doing that! Yes, but you haven’t been using utensils. As a matter of fact, you utterly refused to use them. Now? You’re spearing those chicken pieces like they’re nothing. We’re still working on a spoon with your oatmeal though. While you’re incredibly cute when you’re incredibly messy… cleaning up the entire dining room is sorta getting old. Your dad has been such a good sport in doing it while I give you your bath, but we really need to work on that. You’ll get it though, in your own time… just like everything else.

Like mobility. You waited months longer than most babies to crawl. We worried about it then, and now? You’re a speed-demon around the house. Oh and chasing you is SOOO much fun! You giggle and laugh while run-crawling and periodically stop to look behind to make sure I’m still coming after you. Little times like that fill my heart with so much love and joy, I think it could burst. But now, you’re getting adventurous… or we’re trying to push you to be. You’ve been content to crawl around, even stand up and walk along as long as you have something to hold on to. But walking independantly? Well, that’s been a no-go for a few months now…. until this past week:


This is the third time you’ve taken steps. And right after this, your dad came home, and you took THREE whole steps without wobbling or anything! You’re doing such a great job!

Other things are that you’re saying “mama” and “dada” more clearly, as well as trying to say a few other things. But don’t worry – you can certainly get your point across when needed.

You’re continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. And I am SO looking forward to what it’s going to be like to decorate the house for Christmas this year! I’m sure I’ll have redecorated the house a bazillion times before Santa arrives. Until then, we’ll just keep watching you grow and enjoy every second of it.

I love you, sugarbear. ❤

Love, Mommy


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