Pain and Progress

It’s something that I’ve had a long time just never could understand why.

Age? I’m only 28.

Ill? PMS? Yeah, most of the time… depressed too… overly anxious about a lot of things….

But the pain. My back and front of my chest hurts, and not like a muscle ache… it’s like that constant ache before you pop something. As a matter of fact, that bone between the “girls” pops a lot and is sore a lot. Overall, I just feel… dull.


Because I quit. I quit trying to make my new “gluten-free” life work. I quit because I didn’t want to think about the changes in cost for food. I quit trying to make the changes for not only myself, but everyone else. After all, this is my burden, not theirs, right?

WRONG. Because if I don’t make changes now to help myself feel better, they pay the price in other ways than money. They get a wife that feels depressed and all sorts of things all balled into one all the time. They get a mom who just feels like they have no energy to get down and play, and when she does, it hurts, though she doesn’t show it… just cuts down on the time.

When I was “gluten-free” before, I felt sooo  much better. While I don’t have Celiac disease, I do have gluten-sensitivity, which in ways of a lot of symptoms, it mimics Celiac. I was more energetic, I didn’t have the pain and dullness anymore. But then things came up, like trying to figure out how to stay gluten-free all of the time, how to cook the foods right, making things that everything can eat, etc., and I just quit.  I stopped because it seemed easier. But lately, I’ve been paying for it.

Today happened to be the day that I had my coaching session with Ginger. She was right in that I shouldn’t have waited so long between sessions. I literally broke down telling her all of my frustrations with it, and if I had spoken with her before now, I probably could have worked through them earlier and easier.

So, the plan, along with a few other things, is to work GF living into  my life, not just suddenly change things – because that, in my opinion, just sets me up for frustration and failure later. Little changes here and there without concentrating on doing it perfectly and gradually building on them over time. “Progress is not perfection”. That’s my mantra to think of when I feel like I’ve messed up and want to stop. I have to keep reminding myself that this process of GF living requires progress, not perfection. Everyone messes up… that doesn’t mean you just stop.

I’m working through a lot of things, and Ginger has really helped me with a lot of them. She’s really good a listening and helping see things in a way that you may not have thought of, and that’s what I needed today.


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