I Have A Plan

Okay, so yes, I’m very intrigued by the new Dexcom G4 Platinum system. And while the new colors aren’t very “cool” to me (I’ll probably still go with black), the better accuracy and thinness of it are.

Right now, I could order the system, but I can’t order sensors until after my 3 month re-order date is here, which won’t be for another month. So, I’m holding off and ordering everything at once. Plus, that will give me time to be better “financially responsible” and not charge it to a credit card or something. I’m going to use this as a lesson to learn to pay for only what I can buy from my own money.

So, after November 8th, I’m going to order the new system in hopes to have it and the sensors by January, which will last until March – giving me 3 more months to save up for my wonderful new high-deductible which will render me to have to pay full price for a 3 month supply! Eek!

I won’t be totally kicking the old system to the curb, though. I do have 6 sensors left for the Seven + system, so those will also be extended to their maximum amount of time – hopefully putting me well past March for a re-order of sensors.


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