Friday Find – Pump Peelz!

One of the cool things that I like about the Minimed Revel is that you can customize the look of it. And, for a while, they were the only ones that you could do that to. Well, not anymore.

Scott Imblum is an awesome innovator. After his wife started on the OmniPod, he began to think of ways to personalize it. We can personalize cell phones, laptops, even our cars… why not our pumps? Especially since the pod is literally stuck to you. His original idea (which, from what I understand, they are still working on) was to create a snap-on type of case that can be customized and reused as many times you would like. Unfortunately, the cost to design and make them is high, and they needed to find a way to start creating funding towards them. So, he had an idea. What about a sticker?

And thus, Pump Peelz was born. I’m not going to lie. The first prototype they showed on their Facebook wall was of a ladybug and I completely went all girly “EEEEEK!!!! – WANT!” in that very instant. (That was in August when I was on the Omnipod system. ) After contacting Scott to see if he would let me try one out for a FridayFind post, he agreed and I recieved them mid-September. I’ve had a lot going on with school and welcoming a new baby into the family (NOT me, my sister-in-law!) that I’ve sort of let time slide by, and for that, I apologize.

So, for the sake of trial, I went bionic for a while. Not only was I reconnected to my Revel pump and CGM, as well as the Dexcom CGM (some trial testing of those going on again), I also had a pod that had failed during prime stuck to me as well:

 The installation of the Pump Peelz was easy. I just lined up the cut out for the pod window and then stuck the sticker down the middle of the top of the pod. Then, carefully, I smoothed down the edges. I’ll have to say, this thing is pretty awesome. It takes a couple of tries the first time to get it lined up just right, but the re-application was a breeze. (Yes! Thy’re reusable too!)

These pics are after the 3rd day of wear and complete removal and reapplication.  Not only did it hold up beautifully, but it the sticker didn’t peel up or get icky after the re-application. It has survived yet another reapplication since as well. It’s been submerged in water too (you know, for people who swim or take long baths…. that sort of thing). I have to admit. I wanted to really put it through the ringer, and it has held up! My concern when I saw that he was creating a sticker and when I saw the price was, was it worth spending $6 on a sticker for a pod that may only stay on 2-3 days? Is it reusable? How many times? I’m not sure how many more reapplications it can use, but I’m stopping at three just because of time-constraints in that I really needed to get this post up. But honestly, I think it could last a month easily if you take the time to carefully apply and reapply it – maybe longer.

Scott actually sent me three skins. I was hoping to stay on the OmniPod system, but due to absorption issues, I can’t, so I have two extra. I have the Zebra print and the Flower print. So, I’m going to do my first ever “game” from my blog. Share my post and leave a comment that you have shared it. Next Friday, I will put the numbers of the comments into a random number picker and the number that comes up will get the Pump Peelz.

Oh, and if you go to their site, you can see all of the cool Fall and Halloween ones! How COOL is that?


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  1. Amanda Sterczyk

    Thanks for the honest review. My 9-year-old daughter is starting on the Omnipod next month. She hates the “blah” look of the pods, so was very excited to see Pump Peelz. I have to pay extra for shipping to Canada, so to hear that they can easily be reapplied is encouraging!

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