iBG Star – First use

This month, Walgreen’s is having a sale on the iBGStar unit. If you have a coupon book (or just look through the monthly sale section in the Walgreen’s app on your iPhone), there is a coupon for $25 off of the purchase of an iBGStar unit. I have been dying to try one out, and when I got news of this sale, I jumped on it. Which, you may want to as well if you can, because if you register your unit between now and 11/24/2012, you can get 10 free strips (10 also comes with the purchase as well) and a free protective case that allows you to keep your iBGStar plugged in to your phone while protecting it and your phone… which is good, because I’m not comfortable with my iPhone being naked just to use the device.

All of that being said, I love this little device. I like that my readings are automatically synced to the iPhone and I can log my other stuff from there. The graphs and other feedback that I get are great too, but I already knew that from using it without the iBGStar meter. Having the meter just makes the app “complete”.

Right now, my only issue is (1) I don’t have enough test strips to fully give it a review yet, so I’m waiting on my appointment next week to get a prescription for them and really give the iBGStar a full week-long test run, and (2), I’m having problems with the app crashing every time I try to tag a reading or log a symptom… NOT cool.

BUT, I wanted to write the post so that you could see the sale that’s happening and get in on the action.

Control solution test… because you do NOT wanna see my *real* BG at that time!


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