FridayFind : GlucoLift!

A few weeks ago, I contacted Chris Angell, the founder of GlucoLift, for a sample of his glucose tablets in exchange for a Friday Find post. I had heard a LOT of good things about his glucose tabs, and I wanted to see what the difference was. After all, they’re just glucose tabs, right?

After tasting all of the available flavors ( he sent them in awesome little sample packs!), I have to attest to the fact that these are NOT the same. These tabs are GREAT! He sent me a bottle of the Wildberry flavor so that I could taste-test them out for semi-lows (like 70’s-ish) and some for LOW-lows…. where I needed to really try the “Lift”ing power.

As far as the response to lows, they are good glucose tablets. I honestly could not tell much of a difference between these and the standard store-brand glucose tabs. BUT! the flavors! They make wanting to treat a low blood sugar properly (like, with glucose and not a bazillion carbs from candy bars, etc…). The Wildberry ones are my favorite. Second would be the Orange Cream, then the Cherry.

Interesting story though… I waited until the last taste-test to try the Orange Cream. I just couldn’t do it. My mind was so ingrained with the utter repulsion to orange flavored tablets that I almost didn’t try it at all. I actually had a pep-talk with myself to try it. So… after a few minutes of trying to make my brain think of something else orange-y and not see this as a glucose tablet, I tried it. I chewed and chewed and chewed… getting the most out of this one little tablet I could for the flavor test… and you know what??? It was gooood! Almost like orange-sherbet good without the coldness. I could eat these any day of the week.

So what makes these special? Well, Chris knew how yucky store-brand glucose tabs can be and wanted to find a way to make great tasting, all natural glucose tablet. No artificiality here. They are non-GMO, so nothing genetically modified, and they’re also gluten free. The Wildberry and Cherry ones are dairy-free as well, but the Orange Cream does have dairy because of the “cream” part.

Personally, I am so happy that Chris created these. They are great tasting and do the job. I no longer cringe at the thought of treating with glucose tablets. I keep these with me, as well as my QuickSticks. (Trust me, I love my QuickSticks too, but they’re kinda weird to take when you’re in church and the pastor is looking at you. At least you can sorta sneak the GlucoLift tabs!!)

You can buy these straight from the website, or you can order them from Amazon. I ordered the sample pack with the 2 travel tubes from Amazon because I just ran out of my tabs this week. If you order them in the sample pack, they’re about $1 cheaper per bottle than just one, so it helps bring the price closer to that of the drug-store yucky brands. And, if you have Amazon Prime, 2-day shipping is free! But trust me, the taste difference is well-worth the extra money for these. If I could, I’d ask for a basket filled with these for Christmas!

To find out more about these, you can visit the GlucoLift site, browse around, and visit the FAQ page, or just click on over to Facebook or Twitter.


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