This is something I’ve had on my mind for a few weeks now, but I feel it’s time to do it.

You know the old sayings: Open mouth, insert foot!… or … Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!… or “You will have many opportunities in life to keep your mouth shut: You should take advantage of every one of them.”(Thomas Edison) .. and the most famous of all, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

On my blog, I express a lot of things – hurt, anger, fear, stress, happiness… – you get the gist. A lot of times, I type and hit publish before I even cool down from the event and think reasonably and logically. It’s a fatal flaw of mine, as I do it in real life much faster, and that’s not a good thing.

When July came, I was under an enormous amount of stress with school and all. I can’t handle classes that are crammed into 8 weeks for something I take an entire semester to comprehend. Add the fact that my baby was turning ONE! and a few other things, I think all of my pump frustrations were just the first and easiest thing I could get mad about…. and I felt that I needed to vent or complain or whatever… and I was wrong.

I feel that I need to apologize to Karrie, Amanda, and Medtronic for my actions. The way I handled my frustrations was wrong and unprofessional, and didn’t need to be a public matter at all. I do believe they have a very good insulin pump and the CGM does work very well for some. The opportunity that they gave to me to blog for them was an amazing honor to do, and I messed up royally in the end. My actions were unappreciative -which is completely wrong because I do appreciate everything they did for me, and I’m sincerely sorry for what I did and how I handled things. I can only hope that they can forgive me.

I want to be a good blogger. I don’t want to be a hot-headed blog-off-the-anger-cuff blogger who inappropriately bashes things or people. I want to be a cool, calm, collected blogger who represents pure, honest, needed information, not random rants caused by my own irritability.





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