I’ve been battling with my weight since I stopped breastfeeding. And not just my weight, but my blood sugars too. I’ve tried WeightWatchers (which worked okay, but not as good as the old points system), but having “fruits and veggies” as a “free” food just doesn’t make sense to me… They’re still calories, right? I sure as heck still have to bolus for them. I’ve tried starting back to Zumba, but it was frustrating because soon into my workout, I was dropping low, so I felt like everything I was doing was negated by the intake of carbs.

I was frustrated. How the heck am I supposed to stop gaining weight and lose it?

That’s where Ginger comes in.

Coming from the “country”, you can imagine what sorts of foods I’m used to. Just open up a Paula Deen cookbook and there ya go… only much more limited. I rarely would eat veggies. Heck, I don’t even know how to COOK most of them! They were something I only ate maybe 2-3 times PER MONTH. Sad, I know. Since talking and texting with Ginger, I have learned how to cook a few things.

One major focus we had was avoiding gluten-containing foods. I haven’t been diagnosed with Celiac, but we wanted to see how I would do without them in my diet and see if some of my “ailments” (for lack of better wording) would improve.

After just ONE phone session with her, I have made some pretty big changes. And GUESS WHAT? I’m DOWN FIVE (5) pounds! But not just that! I feel better. I don’t feel muggy brained and huge. I haven’t had my terrible can’t-see-straight headache that I usually get once a week. I can actually drag my butt out of the bed in the morning. And my blood sugars?? They still have room for improvement, but I’m doing MUCH better.

I’m also eating veggies 2-3 times PER DAY along with more fruits and better proteins, and hardly ANY gluten containing foods (yeah, I cheated once or twice). I’m not fully low-carb, but I have cut down BIG TIME, from about 200 carbs per day, to about 80-ish, and I keep my calories around 300 per meal. I’m also drinking more water and only ONE carbonated/caffeinated drink per day until I’m weaned off of caffeine.

My hardest challenge right now is not eating when I’m stressed or worried.. or studying.

Next we’re working on how to exercise… correctly… to use “fat for fuel”, as she says.


DISCLOSURE: I am working with Ginger Vieira for a few sessions (or rather, she’s working with me?) in exchange for a few blog posts here. Everything I say here is the 100% honest truth of how I feel during these sessions. Any advice she has given me is STRICTLY tailored to ME, not you, so don’t take advice she has given me as a general guideline. She is an awesome Diabetes Coach, mainly because she KNOWS what it’s like to live with diabetes and have the same frustrations we do because SHE is a diabetic too. If you want to know more about Ginger, you can find her site HERE, or on Facebook HERE.


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  1. April C.

    Ginger is definitely awesome!! I used her for workout routines when I changed gyms and didn’t have a clue where to start. I also read her book.
    Glad to hear your bs’s are doing better and hope they get where you want soon. Also congrats on the -5 pounds.

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