I’ll Still Check

We were sitting in church yesterday when suddenly, my lap felt a little “moist”. I stood Kip up and there was the reason. He had, within an hour, soaked his diaper and his pants. I excused us and changed him in the back, and he went pants-less the rest of the service. He still acted okay, so I didn’t think anything of it.

As the day went on, he became irritable. He slept for 3 straight hours. When he woke up, he felt a little “warm”, but I thought it was just because he had just woken up (the kid has a sweat-switch that flips as soon as he falls asleep!). We changed him and went back to church for evening service. He remained irritable. He still felt warm, if not warmer, and his face began to show it.

His temperature was 101 when we got home. I had to change him because he had wet his clothes yet again.

I couldn’t help but worry. I tried not to. I wanted to do as the pediatrician said and not turn him into a pincushion over every little worry. But then, I didn’t want to be a diabetic mom who tried to ignore the symptoms only to have him lethargic and in the ER with a 300 mg/dl  blood glucose, kicking my proverbial a-double-curvy-hockey-sticks for not testing him when I knew better.


I told Erik what the number was. Silently, I had already breathed a sigh of relief and almost didn’t tell him I had even tested Kip. He sighed his own sigh of relief. We both were worried about the same thing.

“I just don’t know if I could handle it”, he said.

“We would handle it because it would have to be done. You can do anything you have to do. I just don’t want to.”

I stayed home with him this morning, playing with him and keeping an eye on him. I did find out the culprit for all of this madness – teething. He’s cutting his back teeth, the biggest ones, and they’re giving him a fit.

If that day ever comes, I know I can handle it and I will handle it. We will cry, but we will then hold our heads up because we’ll know what to expect. I’ll know what will have to be done, and I’ll do my best to be the best d-mom possible. I just don’t want it to ever happen.

In the meantime, I can’t promise I won’t worry. Heck, I worry every single day. I’ll still check him every now and then if a few symptoms show up. Five seconds is all it takes to know. I’d rather know and act than to not know and worry.



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3 responses to “I’ll Still Check

  1. My sister checks my niece and nephew’s BG every so often. She even checks her own. I would be devestated if any of them were diagnosed. But you’re right – we would be in a better position knowing what to do and what to expect. Even just knowing what to look for is in our favor, like it was with my parents. I hope that it is always a worry you can dismiss.

  2. It’s natural to worry. If I asked you to find me one Type-1 parent who doesn’t worry about their kids’ pancreases taking an early retirement, I doubt you could do it. I haven’t tested my own kids yet (though I did ask my older one for “permission” to do so, which he politely declined after a few questions). But I give you credit for checking Kip right away — I couldn’t even get myself to that point.

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