Wordless Wednesday: Restart

Sometimes they’re just wonky and you have to restart them…



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3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Restart

  1. Kaitlin

    That is one cute meter, what brand is it?

  2. McSick aka Mary

    One thing that could be improved on the Dexcom CGMS is make it water resistent or better yet, water proof. I’ve dropped a couple in my in-ground pool, and one time I accidently fell in my pool and had it on. I now try to remember to take it off and put on kitchen counter before I evem go outside. Love the pink skin on yours, mine is boring clearish white. I can usually get 2 weeks out of one sensor even though i know they say 7 days, but at $60+ each, i try and get as many days as I can.

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