Yesterday morning, I had to leave work and go to my college business office to handle some financial stuff. I didn’t put it together in my mind, but when I got there, they had an actual waiting list… and a class-room full of people waiting to see people about their financial status as well… because class starts tomorrow.

During my two and a half hour wait, I noticed my sugar dropping. See, I’m trying to get my basal rates set as well as trying a new I:C (insulin to carb) ratio. In my haste to leave to try to handle the matter hurridly (seeing as how no one would speak to you over the phone – you had to come in person ), I forgot to grab my glucose tablet jar from under my desk. Once I noticed my sugar was in the 80 range, I suspended my pump.

Which wasn’t enough. By the end of it, I was still dropping. I ended up having to go to the restroom and thought I’d scope out and see if I could find a vending machine. There wasn’t one to be found. BUT! I did move some stuff in that bottomless pit called my purse and found what I had left in there a few weeks before:

I had half of a bag left in my purse from a prior low, all wrapped and folded neatly deep in a pocket.

Oh the joy!

I’m sure the security guard thought I was silly for how excited I was to find those little chewy pebbles of happiness.

My sugar rose to a nice 96 by the time I left, and was 124 when I returned to work.

Thank goodness for lost skittle packages!


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