Going Off Label

What’s a diabetic to do?

After having Kip, I hated my stomach {sidenote: I still do} because it was so “fluffy”. But, it was a great place for sites. Finally, I could place more sites in more places because I had more fat than muscle now. I’m pear-shaped, so a good majority of my fat goes below my waist-line, and having this extra cushion up in the more “approved” area was great.

But then, with breastfeeding, I lost a lot of weight (don’t worry, I’ve put half of that back on. Ugh), and my muscles came back closer to the surface. I could still place some sites, but not as many as before because not only was I holding a baby near my waist, and I also had some stretch marks in the old places where I used to be able to place them. So what? You can wear sites in other places… right?

Well, here’s my problem. Leg sites and butt sites are good, but not great. I have always had slower absorption in those places. Not due to a lack of cushiness, mind you, but just because they’re under the belt-line (or so I was told). I can wear arm sites okay, but then people see them and ask if I’m okay or why do I have that thing stuck to my arm? Just not what I want to hear.

My options are these now that work reasonably: back and lower back / upper butt area. These are great for infusion sites, and are approved for use.

But what about CGM sites? Those are strictly approved for abdominal use. So, in order to use them, I’m forced to go “off label” and use them in other places. Those other places? I have the same issues. Stomach is a no-go because, well, my stomach is just shot for anything. Legs? A huge lag-time in readings. Butt? Works better. Arm? Ehh… It’s okay, but then having a toddler on my hip who likes to pull things to hold on to makes it another no-no spot.

So I ‘m stuck with my butt / back for spots to use right now. I’m just worried I’ll over-use them and end up with the same problem that my stomach area has.

Do you have this issue? What do you do? Where do you wear your d-stuff? Do you go “off-label”?



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2 responses to “Going Off Label

  1. I can’t use my legs for infusion sets – no absorption. So that is where I use my sensors. Almost exclusively. And they work great for me. So I guess you could say I go off label šŸ™‚

  2. Mary

    I’ve been pumping since 1999 and have primarily almost exclusively used my abdomen for both pump and CGMS. Usually the pump gets ripped off my arm or legs when I attempted to use those areas, upper butt is better, but not much better than arms and legs. I think I’d have better luck with my arm or leg if I could find a stretchy 4 inch wide arm or leg band that would protect the pump from being ripped off. The Omnipod, I find, is very suseptible of ripping away from the sticky cloth-like tape that adhers it to the skin. Also, a couple of months ago I had two under the skin infections on two different pump sites 1-2 days after replacing the pumps. Had to go on 2-3 weeks of oral antibiotics. Was left with dark hard spots under the skin. Fading slowly. These were the very first infections I have ever had at pump sites. I think my abdomen is just about at its end. Anyone with ideas, please post. Thanks.

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