Guest Post : Synsyre Gets Sincere… About Diabetes

Alexis has been a good friend of mine since she came into the Diabetes Online Community. Hours and hours were spent on the phone in the early days when Justice was still using the Accu-Chek Spirit pump, and through those chats, we found out we have a LOT in common. She volunteered to do a guest post for me and I told her to surprise me… and she did. She asked her other son, Synsyre, to do a video post about his feelings as a sibling of a child with diabetes.

Synsyre on Diabetes:

“Sometimes diabetes rocks, and sometimes diabetes sucks…and also makes me feel great because I always have to help people.”

Synsyre, you’re one awesome d-brother. Never lose your drive to help your brother and others. 😉

Alexis, Thank you SO much for this video! You rock!



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One response to “Guest Post : Synsyre Gets Sincere… About Diabetes

  1. Sara

    Alexis has some great boys there! It must be hard to watch the highs and lows from the sidelines but it sounds like Synsyre understand that it is not really his brother being mean but the diabetes that is making him do it.

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