The past week, being school-free, has been awesome. I was able to spend more (relaxed) time with my baby and plan his very first birthday party without stressing over what test was coming up on Wednesday or Friday or what paper was due by Sunday. (Which, BTW, I got 120 out of 120 points on my English final!!! Bringing my total grade to an 88. I’m awaiting my last essay to be graded to know my final class grade.EEK!)

But during this time, I have been so grateful for the time to re-center my brain on diabetes a bit more, and learn how to juggle it with everything else. Since Kip is becoming somewhat independent now, I can easily just put him in his high-chair with some cheerios while I test, prebolus, and get our food ready. Things just don’t seem as “rushed”  and time consuming, so I have been learning how to work better diabetes control back into my life.

I’ve also taken this time to re-evaluate a lot of things diabetically speaking. What my personal needs are, what works for me, and what I need to do to get myself in order. Taking out all prior opinions of things that seem to be complaints due to frustration or praises due to giddiness and looking strictly at what works for me. No fuss, no frills. Just looking objectively – all pros and cons of every single thing – at how every aspect of my diabetes management works and what I need to do to make things work for me so I can obtain the best control possible.

I’m not happy with how I’ve been managing things over the past year. I’ve sucked at it. Now, I have a goal. My last A1c was 7.9% (Avg  = 204mg/dl) . For me personally, that’s just down right unacceptable (Remember: YDMV!!). My goal for my next A1c is 6.5 (Avg = 151mg/dl). Still not where I want to be, but it’s the higher end of the spectrum. My optimal range is 6.0 to 6.5. I have always felt my best when I stayed in between those numbers. And just to be clear – that 0.5 difference is a big deal to me. That means my average would need to stay between 136 mg/dl and 151 mg/dl. Still think it’s not that great of a difference? Remember, that’s an average of your glucose level for the past 3 months. Considering I typically go high (right now) twice a day and low once a day, that’s a big feat.

I’m working hard on this balancing act that is my life now. This past week, my average has been good. But then again, next week, I could do the same exact thing and get a totally different outcome. But that’s life with diabetes. You roll with the punches.

Right now, I’m just in a mood to punch back.

Disclaimer: I also know that a lot of people have problems with other people posting about what their A1c’s are and goals and whatnot. As with anything diabetes related that I blog about, my goals that I speak about are strictly for me. In no way, shape, or form am I trying to imply that you should have the same thing. Diabetes varies per person. A range that may be unacceptable to me may be perfectly okay for you depending on a lot of different circumstances. Always, always, always know and apply the following: Your Diabetes May Vary!!!  (YDMV)


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