It’s HOW old??!?

So, the last few site changes I’ve been doing have resulted in a horrible rash wherever my tape touched my skin. I tried everything I knew to do. I cleaned the area with alcohol before use, and I didn’t clean it with alcohol before use. I used IV Prep wipes before use, I used my Diabete-ezy wipes. Still, there was a rash. I text my sister a picture to see what she thought.

Rash after removing tape and sensor

The picture doesn’t show it very well, but it was definitely there. And ITCHY.

Could I be developing an allergy? OH lordy I hoped not!


“But I’ve been using this stuff for years! WTFructose??”

(Her) “Well, how old is your tape?”

“I dunno… I’ve had it for years too… lemmie check”.

The manufacture date was 1/2003 ! Holy crap! This tape was almost 10 freakin years old !!!!

(Her) “Yeeah… try some new one”


So I’m on the hunt. After some research and re-reading Kerri’s post about it, I’m pretty sure I’m going with Smith And Nephew Flexifix Opsite Transparent Adhesive. I have to find something good and cost effective since my insurance will not cover tape dressing at all.

If you have any other suggestions for other tapes, please let me know!!

Oh I’m so going to cringe throwing out those 3 {OVERLY expired} boxes I have left!



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2 responses to “It’s HOW old??!?

  1. I use the Flexifix tape too and love it. I originally bought it for the Dexcom sensors – to help them stay put after the first 7 days or so. But it has also come in handy for my pods. Since the hot weather began, it seems that on day 3 some of them are coming loose. It works great for them too. I would highly recommend it. I hope that is the answer to your problem – some new tape! 🙂

  2. Adrianne

    I have been having the same problem. This is has been horrible on my skin!! This seems to happen when it gets hot and humid. This last time I have been using 3M medipore tape over the sensor. I then use my tegaderm over that. It seems like this has been helping big time. I haven’t gotten a rash or have the tegaderm start to peel…especially after swimming or working out. Hope that helps!

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